You are here

Photo credit Charlotte Simpson

You are here. You are still breathing. May it be all that matters this day.

May it be all that you are thankful for today.

 If only for a while you forget about what’s not right, you forget about what has not been achieved, you forget about the burden of unmet expectations and take this day for what it is- a day you are alive.

Forget what they said you should have done or you shouldn’t have done even just for a while.

You are here.

You are still breathing.

So you lost it all.

You made a mess of course and perhaps hate yourself for that.

You baked a sunken cake.

Perhaps a bad hair.

You have an incomplete assignment.

Sure your life is not spotless.

And your heart has been broken into pieces perhaps a million times, but you are still here.

Maybe even the heart breaker is you and you regret.

Still you are here.

You don’t fade away because your “to do list” is not your “I have done it list”. No.

Look at you. Look at how far you have come. Look at how far your weary feet have carried you-through unchartered courses and through dark routes.

Own this moment. It is yours. Recognize it for what it is. Open your eyes to what is beautiful.

Be in this moment.

Look at you. Look at what your frail hands have done, how they have carried the sorrows of another till the break of the day, how they have wiped the burning tears from another’s eyes.

Look at how your hands have made attempts at projects, at recipes and how they have succeeded at completing difficult tasks.

The world is a different place just because you are here.

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