Falling for life

Photo Credit; Phodiso


Go on fall hard.

 Fall helplessly.

 Fall head over heels with life.


Fall hard for its rhythms and its irregularities.

 Fall for its perfection and its flaws.

 Fall for its hours, its day light and its night times.  

Fall for the way it unfolds.


Fall for the way it stares at you with wanting, longing for you to live it, to just breath it and take it all in.

Let life fill your heart. Fall for its unpredictable patterns.


Fall in love with its unwholesomeness, fall in love with its empty.

So it will break you sometimes, it will terrify you, it will step on toes, it will argue with you.


But don’t lose your happy steps, don’t lose your swirls and twirls, don’t lose your dance.


Fall in love with all its ways-the ones you understand and the ones you don’t understand.


Fall in love with all its parts- the ones that cannot be changed and the ones that can be changed, the ones that confuse you, the ones that annoy you.


Fall in love with its secret, with rivers so deep  and oceans so vast whose end you may never reach.

 Fall for life’s changing ways, for the way it shocks  and  the way it amuses you.

Fall for life’s whispers and roars.

Give this life all of you, give it all of your soul and all of your fire.

Go on fall in love with life.


(This one is inspired by my sister the one in the image for the way she is always brave and for the way she keeps opening her heart to life)

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