Education as a passport to the dreams of the African child

Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world. - See more at-

I like organisations that stand for education, like Pencils of Promise.


Pencils of Promise has built more than 300 schools for over 30,000 students around the world.  It is not just another noble thing to do, it is an important thing to do. They give children a chance at education. When I grow up I am going to be just like them.


I am hard core when it comes to education.


I vouch for education every time.


My heart always goes out to many children who are under poverty, who have never experienced that amazing feeling of holding a book in their hands and being able to read it. Some of these children have no idea what a scientific calculator looks like.


Isn’t it amazing how what we perceive as ordinary can be a mind blowing priviledge to someone else?


So when these children get a chance at education I find myself shouting Amen.

I believe their dreams deserve a chance.


I know like Malcom X said that education can be the passport to most of their dreams.


It can be the passport to those who desire so much to escape the chains of poverty.

I know what education has done to many Africans and what it can still do.


I talk for Africa because other than that I am an African; this month marks important commemoration of the day of African child.


I take it personally when the African child is tempted to cut corners and bunk education opportunities.


I know, there are those who subscribe to the view that you can be catapulted to great success without education. They think they got proof.

They cite examples of millionaires they have read about. It cannot be denied that  some school drop-outs managed to amass great wealth with very little formal education .

What we never wonder is why those millionaires invest in their self development courses such as the Titan Summit.


It is because the millionaires understand that learning counts to something.

They understand you do not just get into the world and succeed without education.


When I see young learners downplaying the importance of education it hurts me so much because I appreciate education.

May be it was my grandmother’s influence.

She made me appreciate the parameters of education, the expansiveness of its impact.

My grandmother would agree with Mandela that education is a powerful weapon that can change the world.

Education has been a ticket out of poverty for many African countries.


It is education that has created opportunities in the world stage for many youngsters who never even thought going beyond the borders of their countries was a possibility.


Today many Africans are standing out and making waves in different platforms internationally such as the film industry, research world, academic institutions, some are developing applications, running businesses because of education.


I like that Africa can now be represented not just by images that depict hunger and war but we get to be represented in the world out there by bigger and brighter ways.


I think it is the amazing results of education.

Education isn’t something you cannot put a price tag on.


So to the African child this month think education.


Acknowledge education.

Just imagine the places you would reach because of education.


If you think some Africa child out there needs to read this, keep sharing, remember sharing is caring.



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