Dear story teller-either way you are okay

Photo Credit Pixabay

Your soul bears both the wounds and wholeness.

You may want to wear both your wounds and wholeness like a crown so all can see.

You are okay.


You may want to sing the stories of your souls loud so all can hear.

You may miss every key, and you may sing in discord and your voice may not blend with the  choirs of the universe.

But you are okay.


Carry on singing the songs of your soul, carry on bravely, carry on unapologetic-ally.

Show us your wholeness, maybe we will find our wholeness too.

Show us your wounds, don’t be afraid to leave your wounds in the open, this maybe the way to find your healing and to help us find our own healing.

The stories of your soul laid bare will make us strong, they will remind us we are not alone, they will give us courage to tell our own.

The stories of your soul may annoy us because they are different from own, but in the end we may learn to embrace our differences.


But just remember you are okay too if you hold the stories of your soul like hidden treasures.

You may not want the whole world to know.

You are okay keeping quiet about the things of your soul.

The dents your soul carries are yours. The joys your soul carries are yours.

If you want, you may hold onto them a little longer.

In the world we are nosy, we may want to know about you, about what goes on in the insides of your soul.

Remember you do not owe us your stories.


Remember it might not be time just yet, you may need to heal first, and you may need to deal with the painful bits of your story, without our noise, without our opinions and without our pressure.


You may want a bit of time to process your joys and sorrows.

When you are ready you will let us into the inside of the covers of your soul. Only when you are ready. And that too is okay.

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