I am a daughter of thousand mamas

Behind the scenes there were thousand voices that spoke to me; reprimanded me and told me the cold hard truth, the voices that urged me to stand up and walk when I lagged behind.

There were a thousand screams that warned me to stay away from mischief and there were a thousand cheers when I chose the straight and narrow 

There were thousand hands that held my shaky feet steady,

I was clay they molded me into beautiful shapes,

I was wood they carved me till I took shape,

Sometimes life shattered me into a thousand pieces and ‘I lost me’; but everyone of the thousand hands  slowly knitted my torn soul together until I found me again. 

I have been loved a thousand ways by a thousand mamas because just like my first mother said; “if you open your heart widely you will become a daughter of thousand mamas.”

I am a daughter of the thousand mamas who taught me to shine through my cracks, who said I am beautiful even though I am an unfinished business, who spoke to me with their silence, who gave me their lives in a thousand ways.

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