Soul Seasoning

Season your soul and inspire your dreams

Sometimes we come across life downers and every now and then we need to marinate our souls in something that builds us. This page brings you random thoughts, poetry and inspiration to rejuvenate your soul. When your soul is seasoned you will be inspired to pursue your dreams.

“Why do you hasten to remove anything which hurts your eye, while if something affects your soul you postpone the cure until next year?”

Horrace (Roman Poet)

Weight loss for the soul

The subject of weight loss interests many of us. We have become more conscious of weight and of course although some of our lifestyles may suggest otherwise, at the back of our minds we know weight loss is an important matter. If you are anything like me you have found yourself clicking a lot of sites that speak to the subject of weight loss or healthy eating habits.

In as much as we need to lose weight in the physical, weight loss and healthy habits are just as important for our souls.

Here is why?

Our souls overtime are burdened with lots of junk and they become overweight.

It’s the hurtful experiences we have never been able to let go off, that leave our souls wounded, that leave our souls with heavy weight of bitterness. Sometimes it’s the stressful lives we lead; we do so many things and never give ourselves time to breath. Sometimes it’s the wrongs we have done, they stay with us and leave indelible painful marks in our souls.

Sometimes the excess weight comes from the things we feed our souls. We dump a lot of negativity in our souls. All the excess fat that our souls carry can be a huge struggle to trim down.

We amass kilograms, develop love handles and larger than life pot bellies all these makes it impossible to run the races we are supposed to and to fight the life battles we are supposed to fight. We then fail to manage our lives effectively because we are overweight.

In the end we need to shed off the excess weight.

This excess weight results in what I call soul diseases that makes it impossible to live a life that fulfills our passion and God given dreams. A diseased soul cannot successfully pursue its dreams. When our souls are healthy we become more present and more alive.

In preparation of the dreams we have, it is essential that we pick the right meals for our souls and shed off the excess weight.
We need to trim the “fat” so we develop the muscles to run after our dreams. Olympians do not just wake up the next day and decide that the medal is theirs. Among other things they do is to watch their diets.

The starting point in weight loss……
The power of a tribe; what company do you keep?
When it comes to weight loss it is important that those who are around you should embrace the same principles. We tend to do more when we have support. Picking your tribe for weight loss is important.

Your tribe is the people you resonate with. Your tribe understand your values. Your tribe embrace your totems. Your tribe share your thoughts. Your tribe gives you a safe place for you to dream.

You need to find people who embrace the principles needed to fuel your dreams.

The power of right conversations

“The soul, like the body, lives by what it feeds on”

Josiah Gilbert Holland

If you are going to see your dreams grow, you need to shed off diets that do not help grow your dreams. This has to do with the conversations you listen to and take part in. Do you listen to conversations that say you are not good enough, conversations that bring negativity and burden your soul. Do you listen to conversation that will make you ready to run with your dreams. Do you read books that speak to your dreams?

Replace the unhealthy habits
In weight loss my favorite principle is that of diarizing eating habits and replacing them with healthy eating habits. What are those unhealthy habits that burden your soul and create chaos in your soul. Identify them and slowly replace them.

A season passed

When the time has come and it is known
A new season must be born
With courage of a heart that’s grown
We follow life’s new vision that’s shown.

When the time comes and it is known
Let this new season that you venture in
Bring you blessings and wisdom every man wants to own
And with that let your heart joyfully sing

And in that season as you continue to sow
The only prayer is may God with you go…
A silent tear in the eyes of those left behind,
Not in despair of your departure, but in joy of knowing one so kind.

And as you walk past this season into the next
May footprints remain as a sign of a legacy never to be forgotten…


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